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Flemish Giant Therapy Rabbit


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How It All Came To Be

My first exposure to being a bunny-mom was when I was in college looking for a pet that I could easily smuggle into my “no pets without a deposit” apartment.  It seemed like keeping a little bunny in a cage under my bed was the perfect answer to having something sweet to snuggle with. As I soon realized, it wasn’t the best idea and nor was it fair to have a sweet bunny in that environment without as much freedom and contact as she needed.


Fast forward to 2016 when my youngest daughter was a senior and soon to move off to college.  She had been requesting a pet for some time and naturally, mom gave in the summer before her senior year and allowed her to adopt not one but two holland lop brothers.  (Obviously had NOTHING to do with the empty nest issue LOL) Somehow, mom ended up attending to and spoiling the bunnies more than the daughter (go figure). We still have the two holland lops — one of which is blind and the other his dedicated protector.


Animal assisted therapy with rabbits presented itself via a facebook bunny page.  A sweet young woman in Wisconsin had two Flemish Giant Rabbits that she took to hospitals, nursing homes, universities, the Ronald McDonald House, and also participated in events in the community.  It planted the idea to get a BIG BUNNY and do the same in our area. After searching the midwest for a baby Flemish, we located a rescue near Tulsa who had a litter and in February 2019 we adopted our sweet Rosie.  She was about 3 pounds when we got her and was a runt because her momma decided to stop nursing her a bit early. She won our hearts that day and our love for her has only grown as we have started to share her with folks in our area.


Over the years, we have been astonished at Miss Rosie’s ability to connect with friends and family.  Everyone falls in love with soft, big ears and twitching nose. Rosie became the inspiration for the ultimate calling of revealing God’s love through therapy rabbits.  Pet therapy is a wonderful way to share one of God’s creatures with those who may be sick, lonely or just having a bad day. We are so thankful for the joy and hope that comes from knowing Jesus as our savior and for having the opportunity to offer this joy and hope with the community through Rosie and her offspring!

Nancy Bradfield

Life with the Snuggle Bunnies

Giant Rabbits Used for Therapy

Hopping Around Town to Love One Another

Rosie the Rabbiter strives to share God’s love and brighten the days of those in our community through interaction with our over-sized adorable Flemish Giant rabbits.

Rosie the Rabbiter is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides Animal Assisted Interactions with highly socialized bunnies for assisted living/nursing home facilities, hospitals, VA facilities, schools, shelters and crisis locations. Our team of volunteers and bunnies give comfort to those who may be sick, lonely, depressed, anxious or stressed.  Rosie is certified through the Pet Partners organization as a therapy rabbit.

About Rosie

DOB:  Dec 13, 2018

Breed: Flemish Giant

Weight: 15 pounds +/-

Certification:  Pet Partners

Facebook Page:   Rosie the Rabbiter

Hobbies:  Cuddling, getting face pets and ear rubs, binkies, sleeping and napping

Favorite Foods/Snacks:  Cilantro, Kale, Sweet potatoes, Honey Nut Cheerios, Strawberries, Craisins, Bananas (including the peel), Roses, Oatmeal

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Rosie the Riveter

The Flemish Giant breed of rabbits are known to provide exceptional animal therapy to those living with PTSD.  Living in the Air Capital of the World it is appropriate that she has an affiliation with the Military, Veterans and the building of Aircraft. Rosie the Riveter was an icon during world war 2 when the men were away serving and fighting, leaving the women on the homefront to build the aircraft here in Wichita.  Rosie strives to serve as a strong and dependable source of support as those amazing women did!